best type of jobs in 2021

High Risk High Reward

it’s also not going to be the right choice for everybody some people just have the right mindset to start a business and others kind of just want to go to their job do a nine to five and get their paycheck every two weeks and that’s totally fine but if you do have the right mindset to start a business this can be a really really good option as well so owning your own business affords you a lot of freedom right so if you’ve got a wedding one of your friends have or something you don’t have to ask the boss hey can i take this time off you are the boss so you can just go take that time off but at the same time especially with some types of businesses.

i know this from personal experience you might have clients calling you at early hours in the morning and you have to figure out whatever problem that they have at that time and solve it you also might be in the middle of a date or something and one of your clients has an issue or something breaks or something like that and you have to cancel it and go fix it so there’s a lot of freedom in certain ways afforded to starting your own business however it also is going to be more responsibility and more stress likely in some ways at least and more risk so it really just depends on the type of stress and the type of responsibility that you want but to be honest there is more opportunity than ever to start your own business again you know the speed of innovation is happening.

best type of job 2021

so fast and because of that there’s just so many opportunities that pop up where just nobody is taking advantage of it and you can start a business there and you know find a little niche and make really good money with it and i’ve said this many times before and it probably sounds like overly simplified but honestly business is just all about practical problem solving.
Practical problem soliving

you want to find a painful problem that a bunch of different people have and then solve the problem for them that’s really all business is now number nine and this is going to be the bonus that i talked about this is technically still going to college but you know there are many different ways to accelerate college to where instead of four years maybe it takes two years or in some times even less than that so one university for instance that i think is really good for certain degrees is wgu it’s western governors university i’m not sponsored by them or anything like that i do have several friends who have went there and they have very good things to say about it uh it is uh basically one of the only respected online universities.
Respected online university

and yeah there is videos on youtube you can look it up of people graduating with degrees in like one year so it basically is self-paced and if you’re somebody who’s super motivated and you want to take a bunch of classes you can knock out an entire degree in two years and sometimes even less so yeah wgu can be a great option it’s also not that expensive compared to most colleges out there and there’s a lot of other different accelerated programs and ways to cut your college time down as well so for instance you know i got a doctorate in five years and nine months usually that takes people eight years to get the same degree and i was able to do that by using a bunch of different methods and basically just cutting a few classes here and there but there’s other people that have taken it to the extreme where they graduate with a doctorate in like four years and i’ve made lots of videos on this channel about how to do that so if you haven’t done it already go ahead and check those out but i hope you enjoyed the video hope you got something out of it hope it helps you to choose your future career path if you haven’t done it already go ahead gently tap that like button hit the subscribe button ring the notification bell and comment down below any thoughts comments criticisms etc that you have on the video.

Why certificates are important for jobs

this is just incredibly invaluable like for instance i took graham stefan’s youtube course and i took a couple other youtube courses and it really helped me start a youtube channel i mean i don’t know if i would have been able to do this on my own if i didn’t take that course so yeah like i said before it is kind of the wild wild west right now when it comes to courses a lot of scammy ones out there you kind of have to learn how to recognize whether it’s just one of those courses where they’re just going to try to upsell you on a bunch of stuff but online training is big and it’s only going to get bigger in the future it’s completely unstoppable number seven on the list is going to be work your way up type positions now this could be something like just getting a normal job within a small kind of like mom-and-pop type company and then you slowly just work your way up into higher and higher positions you do a really good job and eventually you’re basically just running.

the company for them but it could also be a position like a salesperson it’s basically like entry-level sales you do a really good job and so maybe they put you in charge of the sales team you do a really good job there so maybe they make you a manager do a really good job there and then next thing you know you’re like an executive or something along those lines now it can be pretty difficult to do this it is also pretty risky you’re going to have to start off at the very very bottom usually but for the right type of person you work really hard you do a great job you can definitely work your way up within a company and good things can happen number eight on the list is of course starting your own business right so starting your own business uh very difficult your chances of success after 10 years is about 30 percent so it is kind of a high risk high reward type of move.

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