Great Alternatives To Getting A College Degree

what’s happening guys it’s shane here and in today’s video we are gonna be going over eight alternatives to getting a college degree college has been getting more and more expensive

Has been going down

the value of a college degree overall has been going down especially over the last few decades and so for that reason there are some very viable alternatives to college and these are other choices that you should absolutely consider now it really is going to be person to person whether you go for a college degree that can be a great choice for some people or if you go for these alternatives and hopefully this video will help you figure out which path that you should go down so i’m gonna be going over eight alternatives and then at the very end as a bonus i’m gonna be including a ninth one that is sort of still a college degree but i think it’s something you should definitely consider.

Traditional college route

if you don’t want to go the traditional college route and we are going to get into it right after so number one on the list is going to be trade school now there are a lot of really good trades out there i’ve done several videos on the highest paying trades and the best trades etc and i think when people picture trades in their head they just think okay like a plumber or something right and that is a good job especially in certain areas but there’s a ton of other types of trades as well so for instance dental hygienist is a trade that you can go down that’s not something you would probably picture in your head another one is medical sonographer somebody who creates those images that are inside of a person’s body now when you look up how much trade careers make on bls which is the bureau of labor statistics uh they’re pretty good but a lot of people would think maybe they’re on the lower side.

Under report

what i found researching this over and over again is that for some reason bls under reports how much trade careers actually make and the reason for that is likely because a lot of the transactions are actually in cash and so the way that it’s reported to the government is probably a little bit different than if you get paid at a normal job and all of your payments are either a check or they go right into your account but i can tell you for sure from firsthand experience knowing.

Start your own business

a lot of different people including my own brother trade careers make a good amount of money and it’s especially good if you start your own business number two on the list is going to be very closely related and that is doing an apprenticeship so depending on what state you live in uh the region you live in uh whether you are working union or non-union and a bunch of other different factors you might go to trade school or you might also do an apprenticeship and apprenticeships are great because you know trade school isn’t too expensive but you do still have to pay you know a decent amount of money however with an apprenticeship you’re actually getting paid to learn how to do the career.

Learn how to do the career

now you’re not going to be getting paid as much to somebody who’s like a full-fledged tradesperson but you’re still getting paid to learn the career and it’s on the job training that’s pretty awesome so you could legitimately at like 18 years old start your career whereas everybody else is going through like four years of college going into debt maybe they’re going to trade school for a few years and so you get to start living your life right away the number three option on this list is going to be joining the military now i did a whole video on all of the benefits the pay etc the perks that you get for joining the military

Great Alternatives To Getting A College Degree

so i’m not going to go over that in detail here but you know the perks and the benefits are very very good and besides the perks and the benefits a lot of the time especially depending on the path that you go down in the military you’re literally going to be getting paid to be trained for a high-paying job and i talked about this in that video where a friend of mine that i went to school with he actually joined the military and he basically you know worked really hard for i think it was like two or three years or so and he worked as a nuclear technician on a submarine and so he was basically being trained during that entire time for some really advanced stuff.


he was able to land a six-figure job right after leaving the military now the military also gives you the option to pay for your college later on so if you decide that you know what later on you do want to go to college you’re going to have that option as well so the military could of course be a temporary thing like three or four years or so where you’re basically making some decent money and also getting paid and then you have a lot of perks and benefits or you can decide to make it your career and that would probably involve you being in the military for about 20 years or so but the cool thing is at the end of those 20 years you can pretty much retire right so if you join the military at 18 years old you can pretty much retire at 38.


so there’s definitely a lot of perks and benefits to joining the military not the best choice for everyone um you know there’s some downsides definitely but it is something for you to look at and for you to consider number four on the list is basically a modern career okay and i’m going to explain exactly what i mean by this there are many careers out there that 20 years ago didn’t even exist i mean think about it people hundreds of thousands maybe millions of people are now working as like social media managers right they’re working in social media and social media really didn’t start until 1997.


it didn’t get off the ground until myspace maybe and even then you likely probably wouldn’t be making in full-time income from it so think about it most of the people who are now working in social media and it’s literally their career they’re making a full-time income from it social media didn’t even exist when they were born and this is more and more common with all kinds of different industries and fields where a lot of these jobs are going to be popping up in the next 5 to 10 years where you didn’t even know it existed when you were born you didn’t even know it existed when you were a kid and so there’s no way that colleges and formal education in general is going to be able to keep up with the speed of innovation.
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so there is a ton of opportunity for people to get into these modern careers learn skills that you really can’t learn anywhere else you definitely can’t learn them in college and basically live kind of an alternative lifestyle when it comes to your work life now along the same lines number five is going to be certifications this is basically where you get training for maybe like a month or two and at the end of that training you get a certificate now a lot of certificates out there are going to be completely worthless so you do have to do your research on this but a lot of the time you are going to find certification programs in jobs where there is a ton of demand right there’s so much demand that they’re not able to fill it.

so therefore they come up with certification programs now i think this is going to be more and more common as basically what i was talking about before happens the speed of innovation is so fast that colleges and other types of education simply cannot keep up with it you know college used to have basically a monopoly on education when you talked about getting educated after high school and college those were basically the same things and now there’s just so many different alternatives and colleges are either gonna have to drastically change the way that they teach things or they’re going to get left in the dust in many ways.

so one example of a certification that google themselves came out with was it support for instance they also came out with a certification in data analytics project management user interface design and android app development and the reason they came up with these certifications is because they found that there just simply wasn’t enough people who had these skills and there was a ton of demand so they were having a lot of trouble themselves hiring people with these skills so what did they decide to do they basically opened their own like free university.


so they can train people in the skills that they need and there’s honestly a lot of really good certifications especially in technology a lot of the time it’s actually better in many ways for you to get a certification than to go to college for technology degrees that doesn’t mean going to college and getting a tech degree is a scam by any means you’re definitely going to still be able to get a job in most cases but in some cases especially if you’re someone who’s good at self-teaching getting a certification might be the better option number six on the list is going to be online training and specifically i’m talking about websites like skillshare udemy teachable as well as other online courses this is basically where you can get trained to learn certain skills online it’s much cheaper than university it’s also a lot more flexible and in some cases it can train you for a job and in other cases they’ll actually train you to start basically your own business i do have a course on teachable
Teach important skills

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