How to Apply to get a job with Tesla 2021

How to Apply to get a job with Tesla 

 first we’re going to start with their job portal their careers website and then i’m going to show you some other options that you have in case you have uh some other platforms that you are using where you already have a profile that you want to use so that you can skip the time that you would require to fill in your details onto tesla’s website so if we start with their career website let’s take.

i don’t know i’ll take this one just as an example okay so senior executive manufacturing leader uh their gigafactory in texas in austin so obviously what you need to do is go ahead and click apply or you can apply with your linkedin profile i’ll for the moment just hit apply and as you can see if you already have a candidate profile you obviously don’t need to do it again you can just put in your email and password and go ahead and log in since i don’t have an account with tesla.

i’ll go for the quick apply so obviously they will want to have your contact information which makes a lot of sense you’ll need to fill in your name last name phone number email address your country and as you can see pretty much all the countries are in the list here as well as allow you to upload your resumes once you fill in your contact information what you need to do is go ahead and fill in your application details for the specific position that you are applying for they are asking you.

how to apply to get a job with tesla

if you’re legally authorized to work in the country you’re applying to will you now or in the future require immigration sponsorship have you previously been employed by tesla and so forth if you’ve watched my amazon article you might remember that they have pretty much the same questions and by the way i’m gonna link that article down below if you haven’t watched it there’s a link up here as well so once you go ahead.

fill this in and you give your legal name and acknowledgement of all of this you can go ahead and save for jobs that are based in the us they will also ask you to identify yourself but if you choose not to do that there is an option there where you can uh say that you choose not to do it at the moment that’s pretty much it you will then go ahead and apply and then they will be entering you into their system and in the recruitment process now if you don’t want to go through this um effort and you already have an account on flex jobs that would be another way for you to apply for tesla jobs so let’s take a look we are now on 

Get Job at Tesla FlexJobs 

 we have pre-filtered for tesla they have a lot of remote work um options pretty much all of them are full-time and they’re looking for employee relationship and not so much for freelancers so essentially you can go here and either browse and scroll through the entire list or you can use their filters and select exactly what you want to apply for if you have an account with flex jobs that is going to make it a lot easier because you don’t need to go through the pain of filling in all the details about yourself onto tesla’s website.

by the way if you’re interested in getting an account with flex jobs there’s a link down below that you can use you can um sign up with flex jobs for their paid subscription which is pretty cheap is about ten dollars and then you will be able to tap into all of the job opportunities that they have all of them are absolutely a hundred percent uh safe there are no scams they get pre-vetted and pre-screened by flex jobs employees by their team so you can trust them absolutely a hundred percent now another way for you to apply to tesla jobs is on indeed . 


so if you already have an account and a profile on indeed you can go ahead and pre-filter for tesla and you can use that account to apply to the jobs that are available on indeed and actually quite a lot of the ones that we’ve seen on their portal are also available on indeed so there shouldn’t be any issue you can just go ahead and use your indeed profile and apply to tesla jobs as well all right you guys that was it for today thank you so so much for watching like this article.

if you haven’t done so and also share with a friend who might also be interested in working for tesla i’m sure they’ll be incredibly grateful as am i and as a sign of my gratitude here’s a picture of a cute squirrel alright with that being said i hope you create everyday magic i hope you have a lovely day and a lovely week and i hope to see you next time here on superhumans the pleased to be if you’re looking to create a fabulous career and master your life till next time bye 

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