How To Decide You Should Leave Job Or Not

You thought you would accept your dream job. But now you are in it, you think that your new job just might be a nightmare. If you act fast, you still have options, but you do not want to make a mistake. And that is why today we need to talk about the five signs that you need to quit your new job ASAP. So, you can tell if you just need time to adjust, or if you really need to get out of there. And make sure to stay all the way to the end of the article, because I am going to be asking you which you think is the worst new job red flag. now if you are ready to learn what they are 

Bait & Switch 

 the first signs that you need to quit your new job. o you discover they have done the good old bait and switch, I mean, the battle bait and switch and friends, I cannot tell you how many times I have read of this happening, you will arrive at your first day and you find out that your job title has hanged. Or you are settling into your first week only to realize that the job that they have you doing has changed or worse, you get your first paycheck and they find out the pay that they agree o has changed.  

How To Decide You Should Leave Job Or Not

I mean, it is a good thing if they are paying you more. But that is not the way hat that usually goes down. If your new job has been misrepresented in the hiring process on the obj that you accepted change before your first day. That is a big red flag, my friend. Now I am sure that we can make arguments about being flexible and businesses being fluid. However, there should opt be a drastic change in the responsibilities of our role. 

And there especially should not be any changes in your title or pay before you even start, he job. And really the second new job red flag is an offshoot of this, but it shows up in a lot of diverse ways and has a lot of nuances.  

You were deceived 

And that sign that your new job is going to be a nightmare s the company culture is not what they told you t was going to be now of course, you are a savvy career. bestie. And since you hang on around here, our did your due diligence, you ask questions in the interview process, you did your research, you even went all the way and did reference Hecks on them, like I always want you to do and hey had all the right answers. And there was no ed flags before you accepted the job. But now you are in the door. And it is a different story. because things are nothing like they made them seem I have an IRL story for you guys on this one. o one person that I worked with was at a toxic company. They knew it was a toxic company, they knew it was a negative work environment. And they knew that was going to be very problematic in the hiring process. 

Now this one individual who participated in most of the interviews being done to the company was prolifically lying to job candidates, even when they were told not to. And high were they lying? 

You ask? Well, when asked he imply explained if I tell people what it is really like, no one’s going to want to work here. So, he idea. And they thought that the company was this read company that they would be lucky to work for only to walk in and discover the truth. So, if the company in the hiring process said that they are transparent, but now you are in the door, and you realize that they are secretive, AF or they talked about work life balance, but you realize that everyone is working 12 hours a day, you need to believe what they do, and not what they said, no 

 I am curious if this has ever happened to any of you. So, either tap the like button or drop comment. And let me know how this has shown up or you. Now this next sign that your new job is going to become a nightmare is one that our can spot on day one, which means you could do something about it quickly. 

You’re on your own 

 And of course, the aster that you act, the more options that you Avel The third new job red flag is that you are on our own, you arrive at the office or a login for our very first day and you are so excited for your we job. And there is no one, nothing onboarding, hat onboarding process, there is no training intimal, if any orientation and your boss is nowhere to be seen. And really what they expect is or you to just figure things out on your own. ow, of course, if you cannot figure out how to board yourself, because you know nothing about, he company, the product, the structure and very thing like that, well, they are going to make it into your problem, there is just little to no structure or process to help you succeed t your new job.  

the thing is, is that when it starts like that, it is only going to get worse. vent if you are a self-starter. Even if you are Reat at figuring things out on your own, it means that everyone in the company is being thrown into the deep end of the pool. And while a lot of people are going to figure out how to float, few of them are going to become world class competitors. And what that means for you is that our colleagues are going to be unexceptional. And if you are okay with that, that is cool.  

But in my experience and the conversations that I have with you, when you are exceptional, you do not want to be surrounded in mediocrity. You want to be surrounded in people that are great at their jobs, excited to learn and even more excited to pay it forward, if you were one of the exceptional ones, let me know by tapping on the like button.  

Your potential will not be seen 

Now the next one might not show up right away, but you are going to start to see it quite quickly in your new job. And, this next new job red flag really solidifies that this is not the job for you. And that warning sign is that your unique awesomeness quotient is not being leveraged. That is your UAQ, I assume because you are exceptional and all that you took his new job to do splendid work, but it is becoming quickly apparent that you are not going to be given the opportunity to do work that you are fantastic at doing and that aligns to your highest potential path for career success and career advancement. Now, of course, you are not going to be doing high impact strategic work on day one.  

if they are expecting that view, that is a red flag on its own, but quickly, you should be blue to spot where your interests and strengths re really going to come into play and how your or is going to support your strengths. However, if you are finding that not only is your work, not supporting your strengths, but it is altering more towards your weaknesses, or the hangs that you are not so great at, this is really sign for you that you are not going to be happy to this new job. And it is time to reawaken our job search. 

Now, of course, this one depends n on you knowing what your UI cue is, if you have not already downloaded my free you AQ starter kit, do so now. Because not only is this essential to find yourself in the right job, make sure that his job is for you. It is also going to unlock our highest potential and accelerate your career trajectory. It will be linked in the description vomit down below. At this point, we are four signs to it and those flags might be waving and you might be thinking can I get my old job back.  

his is quite common, and we are seeing it increasing along with a great resignation. You are stepping into a new job that someone else was running away from. In my next article, I am going to talk to you about getting your old job back if it was not a toxic AF job. o if that is something that is on your mind, make sure you are subscribed tap the notification bell o you see it as soon as it comes out. But this brings us to the fifth sign that you should quit your job. 

There are signs it is toxic AF 

 And if you see this red flag at your new obj, you need to quit as soon as possible. And hat sign is that you spot one of the five lethal toxic job signs now there is a lot of signs of a toxic work environment I could rattle off 0 Different signs just off the top of my head however, there is a spectrum to them. But what I have found is that these five toxic job signs are universal and everyone experiences these things to be toxic.  

Now I do not want to bog you down in this article. So, what I want you to do is head over to his article right now so that you know exactly what those five toxic job signs are. But before you go f this article helped you tap that like button it really helps my website makes you my Favorite career bestie solution where everyone benefits. As always, my friend thanks you so much for watching. I will see our in the next article. Bye for now. 

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