How to get a remote job working at Tesla

so you want to work for tesla i’m not surprised i mean who wouldn’t the electric car company tesla seems to be taking the worldwide storm not only have the sheer price levels been skyrocketing for tesla in the last few months but also very recently the company announced that they have surpassed the one trillion dollar market cap that is with a t yes it’s unbelievable and right now tesla is one of the most valuable companies in the world right after microsoft apple google and amazon that’s pretty insane for a company that only went public about 13 years ago so if you want to know how to get a job with tesla and if you want to know what are the jobs that tesla are hiring for right now then make sure you stick around till the end because not only am i going to show you all the jobs that tesla is hiring for at the minute including work from home jobs but also i’m gonna share with you.

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Tesla remote jobs – Step by step guide 

let’s get straight into the article so we’re now on make sure you don’t get distracted by all these impressive pictures of their cars when you get all the way to the bottom you see here careers go ahead and click on that and you’re gonna be taken to their careers page and they obviously will tell you a lot about the job types they have about their start program all about their teams and then you’ll see view jobs here under working at tesla go ahead and click that one and it will take you now to a page that is pre-filtered based on your location so for me it’s already pre-filtered for switzerland so if you want to see all the jobs that are available.

you’re going to want to go all the way to the top of the drop down list and hit select this way you’re going to get an overview of all the jobs that are available right now and that tesla is hiring for if you only want to see the jobs that allow you to work remotely or work from home what you have to do is go to the search bar and write remote when you do that you will get a chance to see only the jobs that are allowed for remote working and as you see right now there are quite a few of them but they are actually in most cases requiring that you are based in a certain location

sometimes it’s china sometimes is canada sometimes it’s italy korea however as you can see there are tons and tons and tons of job openings that allow for remote work across the different departments and job types that tesla have to offer let’s see what kind of job categories are available all right so as you can see they have quite a diverse portfolio and types of jobs that they hire for we’re talking charging construction and facilities design energy solar and storage engineering environmental health and safety external relations or pr as well as employee experience finance hr legal manufacturing operations sales and customer support supply chain as well as vehicle service now if you want to go one by one you can definitely do that and then you’ll see which kinds or types of jobs they have available for each category so for example.

if we were to take sales and customer support then you will see there are four jobs open right now with tesla that allow you to work remotely and that refer to customer support or customer relations or sales there is a tesla advisor role there is a sales manager role a virtual store leader and a regional manager now if you don’t go for remote you will immediately see a lot more job openings okay so let’s take a look by country i’m really curious to see how many jobs they have by region or location so let’s first take a look at the different regions they claim to have job openings across africa asia pacific europe middle east and north america. 

Tesla Jobs in Africa 

 if you filter for africa right now there are no results found however the fact that they have it listed here kind of leads me to believe that there might be some job openings within africa that will come up soon so if you’re based in a country in africa make sure you come back and check there might be some job openings that will be available to you as well let’s take a look at asia pacific right now. 

Tesla Jobs in Asia Pacific 

 so as you can see there are quite a few job openings in apac many of them actually are in china let’s see if any of them are remote as well quite a few a lot of vehicle service jobs are available both in japan and in china as well as in korea and so forth so pretty good pretty diverse opportunities and um jobs that are work from home that you can tap into if you’re interested in working for tesla. 

Tesla Jobs in Eurpoe 

 if we go and select europe there are now five job opportunities that are open right now and that allow for remote work um as you can see one of them is based in italy the other one is in france another one is in germany this one again in france and so forth.

if we choose not to have remote job opportunities and we take a look at all of the job openings that tesla is hiring for there are many many more across manufacturing charging vehicle service construction and facilities sales and customer support engineering and so forth so if you’re based in europe definitely take a look very very diverse options for you with tesla. 

Tesla Jobs in Middle East 

 let’s move on and take a look at middle east unfortunately for middle east again there are no results found but again because they have it listed here i would assume that very soon there might be some job openings coming up so if you’re based in the middle east i would suggest that you come back and and take a look. 

Tesla Jobs in North America 

 now let’s go for north america and when we don’t filter for remote jobs we get a ton of job openings especially with their manufacturing plant in austin texas so if you’re based in austin or somewhere in texas definitely take a look there are lots and lots of opportunities for you over there however we’re talking about openings in california in colorado and massachusetts nevada new york illinois pennsylvania.

so even in canada there is an opportunity here for alberta so actually for the us there are quite a lot of job openings with tesla across pretty much all of their departments manufacturing sales and customer support construction vehicle service operations and so forth now let’s take a look and see how many of them are remote actually quite a few especially around engineering and information technology but also across hr energy vehicle service construction and facilities and so forth so really really a lot of options of job opportunities that tesla are hiring for right now.

that you can take a look at also there are a lot of opportunities if even if you are an intern there are lots of job openings that tesla has for internships so if you go ahead here and just type in turn and i’m gonna select all regions you can see there are a lot a lot a lot of intern job openings across the different regions um and also across of the different departments that they have manufacturing vehicle service construction supply chain and so forth and they are both in asia pacific as well as in europe as well as in north america so even if you are new to the job market and you’re looking for an internship definitely take a look at tesla’s website they have a lot of options for you on there as well now if you’re curious about how tesla pays we can take a look and see um average salaries for tesla on this website called comparably so if you go to comparably and take a look at tesla actually they say that an average compensation level for tesla is somewhere around 153 000 dollars per year.

immediate compensation would be around 160 161 000 per year which is absolutely a great great salary to look forward to and this is on average there are obviously people there probably in the leadership teams in the director and vice president level that are making 250 um upwards of 300 000 a year as well lots of opportunity and pretty good packages with tesla as well now let’s take a look specifically at how to apply . 

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