Nickname Of Indian Cities 2022

so guess in this post we are going to discuss about Nickname Of Indian Cities 2022. inidan cities play a vital role in exams most of the time i have seen that in states exam there are questions which are based on cities nicknames. in this post i will dicuss with you about the Nickname Of Indian Cities.

Nicknames of Indian Cities

india is a huge a country which constest more approx 29 states by dint of this it have a big count of cities and as you are well familir that india has a great history due to which in current era many cities names has been changed with new one.

so in this article i am going to make you aware about all these cities name and i will also going to disuss about there privous name.

Nicknames of Andhra Pradesh cities

1Bhimavarama) City Of Prawns
b) Second Bardoli Of India
2DharmavaramSilk City Of Andhra Pradesh
3GunturCity Of Chillies
4Kakinadaa) City Of Kaja
b) Mini Canada Of India
c) Pensioner’s Paradise
d) Second Madras Of India
5MadanapalleAndhra Ooty
6PidugurallaLime City Of India
7RajahmundryCultural Capital Of Andhra Pradesh
8TenaliAndhra Pari
9TirupatiSpiritual Capital Of Andhra Pradesh
10VijayawadaThe Place Of Victory
11Visakhapatnama) Financial Capital Of Andhra Pradesh
b) Goa Of The East
c) The City Of Destiny
d) The Jewel Of The East Coast

Nicknames of Arunachal Pradesh cities

1ItanagarLand Of Rising Sun

Nicknames of Assam cities

1DibrugarhTea City Of India
2DispurCity Of Temples
3GuwahatiGateway Of North East India
4TezpurThe City Of Blood

Nicknames of Bihar cities

1BhagalpurSilk City
2GayaThe City Of Enlightenment
3HajipurBananas City
4MadhubaniThe City Of Mithila & Madhubani Art
5MuzaffarpurThe Land Of Leechi
6NalandaLand Of Knowledge
7PatnaThe City Of Leaders

Nicknames of Chhattisgarh cities

1BhilaiSteel capital Of India
2ChhattisgarhRice Bowl Of India
3JagdalpurTourism Capital Of Chhattisgarh
4KankerGateway Of Bastar
5KorbaPower Hub Of Chhattisgarh

Nicknames of Delhi cities

1New DelhiCity Of Rallies

Nicknames of Gujarat cities

1Ahmedabada) Boston Of India
b) India’s First World Heritage City
c) Manchester Of India
2BardoliButter City
3Baroda (Vadodara)a) Banyan City
b) Cultural Capital Of Gujarat
c) Power Hub Of India
d) Sanskari Nagari
e) World Capital Of Garba
4GandhinagarGreen City
5Kutcha) City Of Largest Salt Desert In The World
b) Rann Of Kutch
6Surata) Diamond City Of The World
b) Textile City Of India

Nicknames of Haryana cities

1BhiwaniMini Cuba
2GurugramMillennium City Of India
3KurukshetraCity Of Mahabharata
4Panipata) City Of Handloom
b) City Of Weavers

Nicknames of Himachal Pradesh cities

1DharamshalaMini Lahasa
2Mandia) Choti Kashi
b) The Cultural Capital Of Himachal
c) Varanasi Of Hills
3ShimlaQueen Of Hills
4SolanMushroom City Of India

Nicknames of Jharkhand cities

1DhanbadThe Coal Capital Of India
2Jamshedpura) Pittsburgh Of India
b) Steel City Of India

Nicknames of Karnataka cities

1Belgaum (Belagavi)Kundanagari
2Bengalurua) Electronic City Of India
b) Garden City Of India
c) IT Capital Of India
d) Science City Of India
e) Silicon Valley Of India
f) Space City
3BhatkalMini Dubai
4Bidara) Crown Town Of Karnataka
b) Land Of Bidri Crafts
5ChannagiriLand Of Arecanut
6ChannapatnaTown Of Toys (“Gombegala nagara”)
7Chikmagalura) Coffee Land Of India
b) Switzerland Of Karnataka
8Coorg (Kodagu)Scotland Of India
9DavangereLand Of Butter Dosa
11Hubli (Hubballi)a) Chota Bombay
b) City Of Brave Warriors
12Kalaburagia) Land Of Sufi Saints
b) Land Of Toor dal
13KoppalLand Of Kinhal Craft
14Mangaluru (Mangalore)a) Ice Cream Capital Of India
b) Rome Of The East
15Mysore (Mysuru)a) City Of Palaces
b) Cultural Capital Of Karnataka
c) Royal City Of Karnataka
d) Sandalwood City
e) The Heritage City Of Karnataka
16Sakleshpur (Sakleshpura)Poor Man’s Ooty
17ShimogaWaterfalls Paradise Of India
18Udupia) City Of Intellectuals
b) Cradle Of Indian Banking
19Vijayapura (Bijapur)Land Of Jowar Roti And Groundnut Chatni

Nicknames of Kerala cities

1Alappuzha (Alleppey)Venice Of The East
2Kannur (Cannanore)City Of Looms And Lores
3Kasaragoda) Harkwillia
b) Land Of Seven Languages
4Kochi (Cochin)a) Queen Of Arabian Sea
b) The Financial Capital Of Kerala
5Kollam (Quilon)a) Cashew Capital Of The World
b) Gateway To Backwaters
c) Prince Of Arabian Sea
6Kottayama) City Of Lakes
b) City Of Latex
c) City Of Letters (Akshara Nagari)
d) City Of Murals
7Kozhikode (Calicut)City Of Spices
8MalappuramSoccer Capital
9Palakkada) Land Of Palm trees
b) Rice Bowl Of Kerala
10Thiruvananthapurama) City Of Statues
b) The Evergreen City Of India
11Thrissura) Gold Capital Of India
b) Land Of Poorams
c) The Cultural Capital Of Kerala
d) The Land Of Vadakkumnathan
12WayanadGod’s Own District

Nicknames of Madhya Pradesh cities

1BhopalCity Of Lakes
2Indorea) Cleanest City Of Asia
b) Mini Mumbai
3MundiPower Hub City
4SagarHeart Of Undivided India
5UjjainCity Of Temples

Nicknames of Maharashtra cities

1IchalkaranjiManchester Of Maharashtra
2Jalgaona) Banana City
b) Gold City
3KhamgaonSilver City
4KolhapurCity Of Wrestlers
5Mumbaia) City Of Dreams
b) City Of Seven Island
c) Film City Of India
d) Financial Capital Of India
e) Gateway Of India
f) Hollywood Of India
g) Manchester Of India
6NagpurOrange City
7Nashika) California Of India
b) Grape City Of India
c) The Wine Capital Of Maharashtra
d) The Wine Capital Of India
8Punea) Oxford Of The East
b) Motor City Of India
c) Queen Of The Deccan
d) The Cultural And Historical Capital Of Maharashtra
e) The Cultural Hub Of Maharashtra
9ThaneCity Of Lakes
10YavatmalCotton City

Nicknames of Manipur cities

1MorehMini India

Nicknames of Meghalaya cities

1ShillongScotland Of East

Nicknames of Nagaland cities

1ZunhebotoLand Of Warriors

Nicknames of Odisha cities

1Bhubaneswara) IT City Of East India
b) Sports Capital Of India
c) The Temple City
2BrahmapurSilk City Of Odisha
3Cuttacka) Dominant City Of Ancient India
b) Gateway Of East India
c) Linguistic Dominant Of East
d) Millennium City
e) Silver City
4DeogarhCity Of Waterfalls
5Puria) Holy Capital
b) Spiritual capital Of Odisha
6Rourkelaa) Industrial Capital Of Odisha
b) Steel City Of Odisha
7Sambalpura) Cultural Capital Of Odisha
b) Diamond City

Nicknames of Puducherry Cities

1PondicherryParis Of The East

Nicknames of Punjab Cities

1AboharAfrica Of Punjab
2AmritsarCity Of Golden Temple
3KapurthalaCity Of Gardens
4LudhianaManchester Of India
5PatialaRoyal City

Nicknames of Rajasthan Cities

1Bhilwaraa) Manchester Of Rajasthan
b) Textile City
2BikanerCamel Country
3Jaipura) City Of Palaces
b) Paris Of India
c) Pink City
d) Red City
4JaisalmerGolden City
5Jodhpura) Blue City
b) Sun City
6Udaipura) City Of Lakes
b) Venice Of The East
c) White City

Nicknames of Tamil Nadu Cities

1Chennai (Madras)a) Automobile Hub Of Asia
b) Banking Capital Of India
c) Capital Of South India
d) City Of Flyovers
e) Cultural Capital Of South India
f) Detroit Of Asia
g) Gateway Of South India
h) Healthcare Capital Of India
i) IT Hub Of TamilNadu
2Chidambarama) Educational Hub
b) Fast-Growing Industrial City
c) Mangrove City
d) Temple City
3Coimbatore (Kovai)a) Capital Of Kongu Nadu Or Chera Nadu (Modern Day) Or West Tamil Nadu
b) Engineering City Of India
c) Hardware City Of India
d) Manchester Of South India
e) Sports Capital Of South India
4Erodea) Textile City
b) Turmeric City
c) Yellow City
5Kanchipurama) Home Of Athi Varadhar(GOD)
b) Silk City Of India
c) Temple City
6KodaikanalPrincess Of Hill stations
7KumbakonamTemple City Of Tamil
8Maduraia) Athens Of East
b) City Of Jasmine
c) City Of Junction
d) Sleepless City (Thoonga Nagaram)
9NamakkalEgg City
10NilgiriBlue Mountains
11OotyQueen Of Hill Stations
12PalaniSpiritual Capital Of Tamil Nadu Or Kongu Nadu
13Salema) Mango City
b) Steel City
14Sivakasia) Crackers City Of India
b) Kutty (Little) Japan
15Thoothukudi (Tuticorin)a) Pearl City Of India
b) Salt Capital Of South India
c) Sea Gateway Of Tamil Nadu
16Tiruchirappallia) Energy Equipment And Fabrication Capital Of India
b) Rockfort City
c) Tucker Trichy
17Tirunelvelia) City Of Paddy Fields
b) Oxford Of South India
18Tiruppura) Cotton City Of India
b) Dollar City Of India
c) Knit Wear Capital Of India
d) Textile City Of India
19VaniyambadiLeather Export Hubs Of India
20Vellorea) City Of Tamil Kadavul Muruga
b) Fort City Of India
c) The City That Started The Indian Independence Movement
d) The City With Golden Temple
21Yercauda) Jewel Of The South
b) Poor Man’s Ooty

Nicknames of Telangana Cities

1Hyderabada) Biryani Capital Of India
b) Centre Of Urdu Language
c) City Of Aimim
d) City Of Nawabs
e) City Of Nizam’s World
f) City Of Pearls
g) HITEC City
2SecunderabadTwin City
3Warangala) City Of Lakes
b) City Of Temples
c) Second City Of Nizam

Nicknames of Uttarakhand Cities

1Mussooriea) Hill Queen City
b) Queen of the Mountains
2NainitalCity Of Lakes
3RishikeshYoga Capital Of The World

Nicknames of Uttar Pradesh Cities

1Agraa) City Of Love
b) City Of Taj
c) Petha Nagari
2Ayodhyaa) Another Name: Ayutthaya (Thailand) And Yogyakarta (Indonesia)
b) Birth Place Of Lord Rama
c) Hindu Sacred Place
d) Identity Place Of Hindus
e) Legendary City
f) The Ancient Korean Princess Heo Hwang-ok Came From Ayuta (Ayodhya)
3BalliaBaghi Ballia
4FirozabadBangle City Of India
5GhaziabadGateway Of Uttar Pradesh
6Gorakhpura) Important City For India And Nepal Relations
b) Known For Devotees Of Yogi Gorakhnath
c) Known For Geetapress Books Headquarter
d) Known For Gorakhpur Matth
e) Nawaboo Ke Baap Ka Sahar
f) Purvanchal Main City
7Kanpura) Crossroad Of National Highways
b) Leather City Of The World
c) Manchester Of The East
8Lucknowa) City Of Nawabs
b) City Of Tehzeeb
c) Constantinople Of East
d) Golden City Of East
e) Happiest City
9Meeruta) Scissor City
b) Sports Capital Of India
10Noidaa) India’s First Smart City
b) IT capital Of North India
c) Singapore Of India
11Prayagraj (Allahabad)a) Abode Of God
b) City Of Prime Ministers
c) King Of Pilgrims
d) Sangam City
12Varanasia) Oldest Living City On Earth
b) Spiritual Capital Of India
c) The City Of Ghats
d) The City Of Lights
e) The City Of Music
f) The City Of Shiva
g) The City Of Temples
h) The Religious Capital Of India
13VrindavanCity Of Widows

Nicknames of West Bengal cities

1Asansola) City Of Brotherhood
b) Land Of Black Diamonds
2Barddhamana) City Of Peace
b) Royal Heritage City Of Bengal
3Calcutta (Kolkata)a) City Of Castles
b) City Of Joy
c) City Of Palaces
d) Cultural Capital Of India
e) Heaven Of The Aged
4Darjeelinga) Queen Of The Hills
b) Tea City
5DurgapurRuhr Of India
6Howraha) Glasgow Of India
b) Sheffield Of India
7JalpaiguriCity Of Dooars
8KharagpurMini India
9MaldaMango City
10NadiaOxford Of East
11Siliguria) Gateway Of East India
b) Gateway To The Dooars

so here i described you nicknames of indian cities. i believe this post is much knowledgable for you. For getting this type of updates kindly bookmark our website and more you can check on our social handles which will also aid you in getting your job.

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